Is a lack of training costing your organisation time and reducing your service delivery standards?

Your team members are the backbone of your organisation. They are on the frontline every day dealing with your customers (both internal and external), setting the standard for quality and service and forming your reputation.

As a leader, manager or employer it can be easy to forget this at times, making the crucial mistake of not continuing to invest in training your staff. But the more equipped your staff are to handle their role, the fewer errors they will make, the less supervision they will require and the more productive they will be, saving you time, money, headaches and improving the quality and consistency of your service delivery to your customers.

By upskilling and cross-skilling your team, you invest in your people, and in turn they invest in you. Well trained teams have lower staff turnover rates, a happier more positive culture and lower absenteeism. What have you got to lose?

Creating highly skilled, high performing teams

At DVE we help you increase the productivity and performance of your team by delivering fast, focused, and effective training.

If you aren’t sure what training they require, talk to us about sending out a survey to gain some further insights into what’s required.

For a more in depth analysis we can perform a full Role review of your team or a Training Needs Analysis.

By talking to each team member individually and running focus groups, our specialists uncover their key functions and skill gaps. This gives you the opportunity to take a more strategic approach to team training to ensure that your team is performing at their best.

With training packages including:

  • Microsoft suite; Excel, Word PPT
  • Outlook and email management
  • Work planning and practices
  • High performance teams
  • Lean improvement & process mapping

We not only help you upskill your staff, but also increase engagement, build a high performing team and foster a culture of excellence.

Don’t let a lack of training hold your organisation back, call us today on (08) 7071 7140 to upskill your team.

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