System Implementation

Struggling to implement your system or project?

When you implement a new system, you are changing the way your organisation operates, and often the responsibilities of everyone who works there. This can, like any change, can bring about resistance and challenges.

Combine this with most organisations spending the majority of their time, money and resources in the development or purchase of a new system, leaving little left over for implementation, and it is not hard to see why many struggle and even fail despite their being considerable benefits to what they are doing.

To ensure successful system implementation, your approach needs to be the opposite, focusing 20% of your efforts on system selection or development and 80% on implementation. But with limited time, resources and skills and competing priorities it’s not always possible. This is where DVE Business Solutions comes in.

Creating positive change through successful system implementation

Keeping in mind that the biggest fears around change are a loss of security and a fear of the unknown, our specialist, unbiased team take a bottom up approach talking with all levels of staff to explain the why and how of the system change to increase employee buy in.

Having worked with numerous IT departments and specialists we know how to bridge the gap between the technical requirements needed in a system and an enjoyable and seamless end user experience that can be hard to convey.

This independent, specialised approach gives you the skills, resources and time you need to ensure a seamless integration that doesn’t disrupt your business operations.

With systems often being the key to you working effectively and staying competitive in your industry, you need to get is right. Call us today on (08) 7071 7140 and get the right system implemented in the right way to create positive change to your organisation.

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