Reviews & Scans

Need to evaluate your idea or the success of your project?

Have a great idea, system or project you want to implement, but need to determine if you are ready, and if it is going to work first? Or perhaps you’ve just implemented a project or system and want to see how it compares to industry best practices.

Whether you need an independent party to do documented research for budget approval, determine if your organisation is ready to make change, evaluate the success of a project or benchmark, or prepare for an audit or accreditation, DVE Business Solutions can help.

Ensuring your new project has landing gear as well as wings

“Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings” — C.D. Jackson

The success of your project or system is determined long before it’s implemented. It is your level of research, analysis, planning, and communication with staff that you do at the very beginning that can impact employee buy-in and ultimately determine the success of your project or system.

At DVE Business Solutions we help you research, survey, analyse and evaluate both internal and external environments so you can make informed decisions on whether you proceed, and help you plan and implement properly to ensure its success.

Evaluating your project and benchmarking to industry best practices

Now that you’ve done the hard work and your project is complete, it’s time to evaluate to determine how successful it was internally and externally.

Leveraging our experience and contacts, we analyse your project and benchmark nationally and internationally to determine the success of both the implementation and the project itself, providing detailed feedback along with recommendations for improvement if needed.

Are you leading the way or following? Call us today on (08) 7071 7140 to evaluate your idea or project and ensure you create powerful, positive change in your organisation.

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