Project Management

Is your project at risk of stalling or failing?

When it comes to completing a project, a committed project team and good intentions will only get you so far. Competing priorities, a lack of communication and accountability, limited time, resources or skills, and politics and bureaucracy can all prevent you from delivering your project on time and budget – or at all. And this is without business as usual (BAU) getting in the way!

 To deliver your project on time and budget, and eliminate lengthy delays, conflict or your project falling over, you need the right skills, experience and project methodology that governs the responsibilities and accountabilities of team members, and clarifies from the beginning; the scope, objectives, plan and decision makers. This is where DVE Business Solutions comes in.

 Delivering your project on time and budget

Knowing one of the biggest risks in keeping projects on time and budget is project teams becoming distracted with ‘business as usual’, we implement our proven Project Management methodology to manage your project’s scope, communications, implementation and governance.

Having just the right amount of documentation, communication and governance without being annoying and bureaucratic, it’s producing a 98% success rate with projects delivered on time and budget while delivering positive results.

We combine this with a custom-designed, high performing team of specialists in system implementation, technology, lean, change and team building to ensure that your project is undertaken with the right people doing the right work.

This not only ensures that your project is given the time and focus it needs to achieve your objectives, it also guarantees that you have all of the skills, resources and support you need to complete it successfully.

This, combined with our holistic approach focusing on people, processes, technology and structure, allows us to help you achieve your project outcomes through increased communication and collaboration, get activities implemented and create lasting cultural changes within your organisation.


Don’t let your project stall or fail, call us on today on (08) 7071 7140 and get it delivered on time and budget.

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