Change Management

Change is here- is your team ready?

In the current environment, with universities becoming more competitive and student needs becoming more immediate, the only way for institutions to remain competitive and relevant is to innovate and have an environment of continuous improvement.

The question to ask is no longer “how do we avoid change?”, but rather “how do we manage it well, so that we increase productivity, efficiency and staff buy-in, and create a higher performing, collaborative culture within our department?”.

DVE Solutions help you to drive positive change through a holistic approach focusing on people, processes, technology and structure. This creates a smooth transition through growth, real department, faculty and cultural change (not just quick fixes) and positive outcomes.

Helping you manage change successfully at your university 

Taking a collaborative approach using our positive transformation roadmap, we work with you and communicate with all levels of your staff to find out what is working and what isn’t, gaining insights and ideas for improvement while getting staff buy-in to ensure change is managed successfully and results are maintained.

We also give you a custom designed team of professionals that is willing to implement your ideas and get the job done. Coupled with our proven Project Management Methodology, this provides you empowered staff, implemented improvements and a positive future.

As a result, we are seeing change – real, lasting, meaningful change in the universities we work with across Australia.

Let us help you do the same. Whether you need to implement a new system, design a new software program or managing a complete restructure, call us today on 1800 870 677 to create positive, lasting change.


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