Business Process Improvement


Are inefficient processes costing you time, money and quality of service delivery?

One of the biggest threats to organisations is that most of their vital information and operational processes are in the minds of key team members. If something happened to their team, or they left (won the lotto!!), the organisation would struggle to maintain current service delivery standards and outputs, let alone continue to improve. 
This is where DVE Business Solutions come in. Giving you the benefit of the outside-looking-in approach, we bring in a specialist, unbiased team, who take a bottom up, fun approach to process mapping and get everyone in the room talking about and solving common problems. Ensuring waste is eliminated and the end process is effective, efficient and most importantly involves and empowers the people who do the process daily.

Are you experiencing? 

Only one person knowing a key process? 

Too many people working on the same activity?

Other departments or units not understanding what you do?

Bottlenecks that you can’t seem to get rid of? All processes and procedures stored in people’s heads?

The feeling that ‘it shouldn’t be this difficult’?

DVE can help you:
Develop faster streamlined processes with bottlenecks eliminated and approval levels reduced.

  • Even workload distribution and understanding of roles and responsibilities.
  • Have all processes documented and stored in a central storage location.
  • Gain clarity over the impact of systems and people on processes.
  • Ensure understanding of the involvement of other departments in a process.
  • Make every day working life easier and more enjoyable. 

Solutions to help you improve:

  • Process scoping
  • As Is and To Be development
  • Process mapping
  • Workflow analysis
  • Value stream mapping
  • Lean implementation
  • Process implementation
  • Full process review
  • Continuous Improvement strategies


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