The DVE Way

Creating a powerful and positive change within your university – the DVE way

As the education sector finds itself in a more fast-paced environment filled with shorter timeframes, tighter budgets, student needs becoming more immediate and increasing competition, institutions need to increase their level of productivity, have more effective systems, minimise costs and wastes and enhance their quality to achieve sustainable student outcomes and departmental growth.

Under these circumstances, DVE Solutions is a valuable partner for all universities and other institutions helping them overcome these challenges by leveraging DVE’s knowledge, experience, tools, team and proven methodology to create a more sustainable and high performing institution, while at the same time ensuring continuous process improvement.

Why the DVE way?

People-focused, Process-driven

 We’re always on the lookout for exciting ways to create positive change in universities. That is why we take project management and continuous improvement principles to the education sector to create sustainable and high performing teams and institutions with a culture of continuous improvement.

Delivering an effective project management methodology

Our effective project management methodology is producing a 98% success rate, reinforced with the right amount of documentation, communication and leadership projects are delivered on time and budget while creating positive outcomes even in challenging environments.

Taking a bottom up, collaborative approach

We take a bottom up approach to what we do, involving all levels of staff to find out what is working and what isn’t, gaining insights and ideas for improvement while getting employee buy-in to ensure the institution can tackle any future problem or challenge as a cohesive, high performance team. 

Tailored Team

At DVE we recognise that each project is different and needs a specific set of skills, strengths and personalities when it comes to implementing. That is why we custom-design the DVE team that will go in to help achieve your goals and vision ensuring a high level of efficiency along the project.

Leaving a high performing team as a legacy.

One of our goals is to ensure that your team has the right tools, processes, systems and training to help increase communication and productivity within the entire team. We do this with our unique approach characterised by being fun and warm! 


Our clients say

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