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scosa is a not-for-profit organisation providing disability services and support for people living with disabilities.
scosa is committed to creating  fun and engaging activities, leading  to enhanced social and life skills for our clients, extending  capacity to contribute within families and communities. DVE is proud to support scosa.

Project Gen Z

Project Gen Z gives every Cambodian boy or girl, regardless of their background, the opportunity to dare to dream. By introducing them to the possibility of entrepreneurship, and by passing on valuable education and long term support we believe these children have the power to change the world.

Sunrise Children's Village

Sunrise is an NGO focused on community development in Cambodia with operations in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Kompong Speu. Sunrise was founded by Geraldine Cox, AM, in 1993 when she was drawn to help a group of orphans that had been abandoned in the jungles near the Thai border while visiting Cambodia in the years after the Pol Pot regime.


ATEM connects, supports and challenges individuals and institutions to recognise and advance the professionalism of tertiary education management in Australia and New Zealand. If you would like to hear about ATEM events please let us know. We look forward to meeting you all at events through the year!

Our World today

If you have ever thought 'the news is really too depressing these days' please have a look at the Our World Today news website

Our World Today came to life in an attempt to give people an alternative news source. ourworldtoday.com.au was born to allow people the option to source the positive stories that are happening in this world every day. The concept behind such a venture was that if people are surrounded by such positive content, a sense of optimism and community will spread throughout society. Such news could have the potential to inspire, and if one person connects with the website and thinks to themselves, 'Wow, I could make a difference', then that person's mind is changed, and the flow of a new mind set will slowly sweep across society. Everything, including life itself, began from humble beginnings, so while we realise we face a long and arduous road, we are committed to the cause and giving people the option to be inspired.

DVE Business Solutions is so excited to be part of this initiative and look forward to the positive changes that can happen as a result. 

Catherine House Inc.

Catherine House Inc. provides supported accommodation to single adult women, unaccompanied by children, who are affected by homelessness. Staff work with clients in a holistic way, to deliver a wide range of tailored programs and services. The organisation values its strong reputation for being a highly credible service provider that offers a range of innovative programs designed to achieve positive and long-lasting outcomes for clients.


Rural Outlook for University Students Towards Allied Health (ROUSTAH) is the rural health club of the University of South Australia. The club was formed in 1996 to generate interest in rural and remote health issues and practice, and membership is steadily increasing. We welcome students from allied health, nursing, midwifery, psychology and social work programs.

ROUSTAH is about sharing enthusiasm for rural and remote practice. The group supports allied health students, assisting those who are interested in rural and remote health, learning new skills and knowledge relevant to country practice and who are interested in developing relationships with like minded people. ROUSTAH is one of 25 university rural health clubs around Australia which together form the National Rural Health Students Network (NRHSN). The network is about seeking to improve the poor state of rural and remote health in Australia and in 2001 became a politically active body to better influence change.


DVE Business Solutions is proud to be an industry sponsor of UniSA’ s School of Management ‘Prizes and Awards students of academic excellence and is a contributing factor in inspiring students to strive to achieve their full potential in their studies. DVE sponsors the ‘Project Management’ award and provides the successful student with work experience opportunities and a cash prize.

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