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Creating a better way to do business

It’s the story of too many organisations. Good people being mismanaged, valuable skills underutilised, processes and knowledge stuck within the minds of key people, technology making life harder not easier and wastes and inefficiencies reducing productivity, quality, growth and profit.

Realising there had to be a better way to do business, change management specialist Dianne van Eck, founded DVE Business Solutions in 2008, with daughter Jo Schneider, a specialist in lean management, productivity and process improvement, joining soon after.

This powerful merging of Dianne’s people-focused approach, with Jo’s process-driven, manufacturing background, inspired DVE’s holistic approach to creating positive change within an organisation.

Discovering there were four key elements to driving lasting positive change in business people, structure, technology and process, this became the core philosophy of DVE Business Solutions applied to every client and every project, regardless of size or industry. It is also became the inspiration behind the DVE Business Solutions diamond logo.

Now six years on, DVE Business Solutions are market leaders, and are even more committed to helping businesses master these four crucial areas by providing

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • System implementation
  • Organisational Management
  • Communications Management
  • Technology
  • Training
  • Reviews & Scans

This not only creates a leaner, more efficient, productive, intuitive, higher performing, people-focused organisation, it also results in a more profitable and sustainable organisation.

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Creating powerful, positive change – the DVE way

With timeframes becoming shorter, budgets becoming tighter, customer’s needs becoming more immediate and industries becoming more competitive, organisations need to become more productive, have more effective systems, minimise costs and wastes and increase their quality to achieve faster, more sustainable organisational growth.

At DVE Business Solutions we help you do this and more by leveraging our knowledge, experience, tools, team and proven methodology to create a faster growing, more sustainable, high performing organisation.

Why the DVE way?

Process-driven, people-focused

We’re always on the lookout for exciting ways to create positive change in organisations. That is why we take engineering and lean management principles to non-traditional, softer skilled sectors to create standardised, sustainable, high performing organisations with a culture of continuous improvement.

Creating positive change

Using our positive transformation roadmap we focus on the core areas of an organisation, their people, process, structure and technology, to help create a smooth transition through growth and real organisational and cultural change (not just quick fixes) to create positive outcomes.

Delivering a proven project management methodology

Having just the right amount of documentation, communication and governance without being annoying and bureaucratic, our proven project management methodology is producing a 98% success rate with projects delivered on time and budget while delivering positive outcomes even in times of high emotion and stress.

Taking a bottom up, collaborative approach

We take a bottom up approach to what we do, sitting down with all levels of staff to find out what is working and what isn’t, gaining insights and ideas for improvement while getting employee buy-in to ensure the organisation can tackle any future problem or challenge as a cohesive, high performance team. 

Custom-designed solutions delivered by a custom-designed team

DVE Business Solutions we recognise that each business is different and needs a specific set of skills, strengths and personalities when it comes to implementing a project. This is why we custom-design the DVE team that will go in to help them achieve their goals and vision.

Leaving a high performing team as a legacy

DVE isn’t just a catchy name…we’re a Dynamic, Versatile and Energetic team! We love what we do and are passionate about making a difference, so we are very warm, lively and fun in our approach – making us quite different to others in our field. We go into each organisation with the specific goal to lift the culture, leaving a high performance team as our legacy.

Start creating a standardised, sustainable, high performing organisation today – the DVE way, call us on (08) 7071 7140 or email


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